vCISO Consulting

Discover how our vCISO can fulfill your organization’s compelling security needs


Confidential business data and customer’s personal informative requires constant attention and high-level security. Many small and mid-level businesses do require security personnel to oversee this function. A full-time commitment by an executive is inefficient in terms of cost, time and offer only limited services manually. This could be a daunting task for the management and runs the risk of exposure to constantly evolving threats and malicious cyber-attacks.

This is where we step in. We protect your organization at the same level you would expect a full-time, committed Chief Security Officer through our virtual CISO guide and gain myriad benefits involving productivity, effectiveness and high value.


A virtual Chief Information Security Officer or as we call vCISO is a professional Officer working continuously with organizations who provides essential security support, builds, and implements security strategy, policy designs, long-term vision for the organization within a highly affordable service model.

First, vCISO conducts a thorough assessment of a company’s security design, highlights weaknesses and pinpoints the design gaps for a long-term standing. As a constant guide, vCISO will then establish security standards, implement control, and respond rapidly to incidents, continuously refining the techniques to address dynamic threats aligning with industry best practices and policy regulations.

Cyber Security challenges

Social Engineering Attacks

Phishing remains the top cause for data breaches globally followed by SMiShing (SMS Phishing)

Smart Contract Hacking

Self-executing code are software programs that compromise software applications

Cloud Vulnerability

Enterprises leveraging cloud applications by storing sensitive data are attracting malicious inside threats

IoT Attacks

IoT networks more vulnerable to cyber invasions and infections. Once controlled by hackers, IoT devices can be used to create havoc, overload networks, or lock down essential equipment for financial gain.

Severe Shortage of Security Professionals

To mitigate the alarming rate of increasing cyberthreats, government and private organizations are struggling to recruit smart, skilled professional workforce.

Comprehensive security assessment on security threats, risks compliance & regulations

Overlook the development of cybersecurity and resilience programs

Provide expert consultation for deployment to suit the needs of the organization

Manage and facilitate integration of security into business and employee profiles

Serve as security liaison to auditors, assessors, and examiners