We are a gold partner for Microsoft Security practice (TBC). Our Microsoft certified consultants work exclusively with security solution partners to provide a range of managed and professional services across cloud security , information protection, identity protection, messaging, endpoint protection and more.

Our Approach

securethat team will work closely with you to study your M365 licenses and by running a secure score assessment to establish a baseline. Along with your Secure Score rating, we will provide a detailed report as part of the assessment, which will highlight risks and remediation tasks for the following areas:

Ongoing reviews will provide an updated Secure Score rating so that you can constantly maintain and improve your security posture. For each subsequent review, our security team will:

  • Compare previous scores against current score Identify previously outlined security tasks and whether they were correctly handled
  • Identify new risks, and then advise appropriate remediation actions
  • Highlight new best practices to address ever-evolving requirements
  • Monitor progress in achieving long-term security goals
  • Our consultant will periodically review to run through the report findings with you